We go LIVE On Wednesday, January 18th @ 3 pm PST, 4 pm MST, 5 pm CST, 6 pm EST


Please Read Below To Know What To Do Next!

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STEP 1 - Mark your calendar!

Put “LadyBoss Phoenix Rise-Up Event” in your calendar in your smartphone, on your fridge, or on the cat calendar with the fun motivational quotes...

Doesn’t matter where, just as long as you DON’T FORGET!

REMINDER: We go LIVE On Wednesday, January 18th @ 3 pm PST, 4 pm MST, 5 pm CST, 6 pm EST

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STEP 2 - Check Your Email!

We sent you a confirmation email to the primary email address you used to register for the event.

If you don’t see it in your “inbox,” make sure to check your SPAM folder and whitelist us, so when we do go LIVE on January 18th, you won’t miss our special Zoom link you’ll need to attend!

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STEP 3 - Share This Event With 5 Of Your Closest Friends!

Please don’t broadcast this announcement everywhere.

This top secret, super “hush-hush” event is too awesome to blast it everywhere... where it can get muddled with all of the other news people are getting on a daily basis.

We want this event to be special and only have those who are truly interested in taking part in the future of LadyBoss and becoming their own brand ambassador!

So with that in mind, please accept the invite tokens below and share this event with five of your closest friends.

*thunderous applause*

You're In! 

Welcome To The LadyBoss Community!

Spoiler alert…



well, maybe more like

*tummy rumbles*


We're here for you! help@ladyboss.com

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